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Heritage Hill Events proudly boasts an extensive history and connection to the local community. Built in 1884, the chapel was previously the site of the former St. Mary’s Parish. The Inn, built in 1923, served as a rectory for the parish. Built as an extension of the old school, the Gathering Space was previously designated as a preschool and kindergarten and was built in 1990. The old parish campus played host to hundreds of families and their lineage throughout its years of service. Eventually, St. Mary’s chose to expand, and moved to a new site in the early 2000s, leaving the buildings empty and up for sale.

Emily Manship grew up attending both the church and school, and has deep family ties to the property. Her family, dating as early as her great grandfather, has worshipped at the church and attended school at St. Mary’s for decades. It was Emily’s longtime dream to restore the site to its former beauty, and to help bring it to life once more. Emily and her husband acquired the property in 2021, and began the restoration process.

With respect for its historical significance and deep connection to the community, the Manships have worked to maintain and preserve the sites architectural integrity and overall character. Great care and respect have been taken during the restoration process while providing the updates and structural reinforcements necessary to create a beautiful and functional gathering space. The Manships are delighted to repurpose and re-debut this historic property as Heritage Hill, and are honored to continue its story as a prominent space within the community.

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Meet Emily

Emily Manship, Co-Founder

With a background in design and deep personal ties to the property, Emily has carefully curated a space that combines the rich history of Heritage Hill with modern amenities and style. She and her team look forward to creating a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests at Heritage Hill Events.

Heritage Hill Events

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